Curling signed by Euro Tecno Tool

Let’s be honest: we all talk about it, but do we really know what it is?

Curling is the procedure which allows to apply a curling edge on components. And what is a curling edge? It’s that part of the end which is shaped, thus forming a rim intended to be seamed to the container body. This one, to make things clear:

Over time, tinplates have become increasingly thinner and tougher: this is why curling is crucial.
We are the favourite supplier of the best metal packaging companies worldwide and our curling tools have always been among the most requested and appreciated equipment by our customers. We are also competitive about the bigger ones, since we invest in technology in a targeted way.
Recently, we have teamed up with an important machine tool manufacturer and together we have created a new machine for the profile grinding on curling tools and beading rails.


To us curling is also ETT-MC-558 LAB: it’s our manual feed curling machine designed for laboratories and research centers. It allows us to perform curling tests of new profiles, new thicknesses or hardnesses, as well as materials or varnishes. It can be adapted to different formats and open top components, shells, rings and aerosols from Ø41 to Ø99. It is also available in a version to manage diameters up to 189. It guarantees safety for manual use, it reduces maintenance to a minimum and it is designed not to suffer from long periods of downtime.
That’s real music to our ears.


Strengthened by our wealth of experience, we make any kind of profile, both on request and designed internally.
We can also grind segments or single curling rails with a profile up to a diameter of 1,300 mm. We provide a comprehensive knowledge of materials and treatments thereof, and we offer an extensive selection of alternatives, depending on the customer’s budget and needs.
We often suggest to make a double profile on the equipment, to make it reversible and thus doubling its service life. Among the materials used for the production of our tools, tungsten carbide is one of the most relevant. It’s one of the hardest known substances, and it’s perfect for for curling parts.
Think about what you need, we’ll take care of the rest!


For our team of technicians, production processes have no secrets: Fanatic of attention to detail, they work tirelessly and scrupulously to make the difference.
We can also rely on a widespread network consisting of the best equipment, which comprises the main machine manufacturers in our field.
But we can also rely comfortably on reverse engineering, thanks to our CMM Zeiss machine and to the professional skills of our engineering department.
We also make curling rolls for lids and general line or speciality tooling, made of steel or tungsten carbide.
Whatever solution you are looking for, we always make it happen!


We lead our customers in all steps of this complex curling procedure: we design, create, test curling tools and we offer technical and mechanical assistance. This is why we can also renew the profile on the core hardened equipment, until when the adjustment of the machine allows to compensate for the differences in diameter.
Top quality and precision: our key words.


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