Today we talk about a process which traces the roots of an existing product, to give it a new life and to improve it.


Reverse engineering is a compound word consisting of an adjective (reverse) and a noun (engineering).

In other words, we can trace back to the initial project starting from the final product. How? We start an inverse process to acquire information on components and then we reproduce or improve them. In short, we analyse the object to understand how it works and then we build projects and 3D models. We start from the end, and we go back to the beginning. Simple as that, right? Not really, in fact, and I’ll tell you why.



Now imagine, for example, you have to replace a discontinued spare part. How to do that? You have two choices: you can recreate the construction drawing of the piece and produce it or you can do reverse engineering. This latter technique consists of some steps: at first the object is 3D scanned, which allows to make an exact digital copy of it, then the acquired data is analysed and processed, we move to the 3D CAD modelling of the object (i.e. the model is modified to improve its functionality) and finally we do 3D printing. In this way, you will have the same piece, which will be if needed more functional and in general improved. Together with a faster design process and shorter product development times.

We at Euro Tecno Tool create 3D models not only of tools and equipment, but also of components, cans, lids, domes and bottoms, even without the original technical drawing. If the physical final product we start from has wear defects, our technical department is able to compensate for them. Our Zeiss CMM (coordinate measuring machine) precision equipment ensures a relief accuracy of 0.0025 mm. And all obtained information is reprocessed by the 3D CAD software and validated by our technical office.

The best tooling and an excellent technical team: our winning combination.



Because we strongly believe that “nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed”. To us, this is not only the law of conservation of mass by Lavoisier, it is rather one of the core principles which guide our daily commitment. In fact, we believe that working in the material transformation industry means answering promptly to the continuous technological progress. Reverse engineering is one of our most valuable allies in this challenge. By using this technique, we are able to trace the technical specifications necessary to create the best tools for the production line, even from a dated or worn piece. It is in this way that we reconstruct the geometry of the parts, and we can supply the new tool or the right spare part you need.

For example, if there are particular needs for or problems related to the beads required for the final food can, we work with the 3D machine to understand everything about the piece, even without the original technical drawing.

In our field it is increasingly crucial to deepen knowledge and to have the cutting-edge technology in reverse engineering. This is why we use highly precise equipment, which allows our technical office to carry out specific and tailor-made projects on the products of our customers.

Top quality and precision: our key words. All along.



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